[Challenge Day 3] A favorite quote

I always believe in "He who sees through life and death will meet with most success". This quote is very clear that in every situations and competitions, the pathway leading us to the success is understand ourself and know what others think. Identify our strengths, realize the weakness and overcome.  

Japan – My first trip abroad (Tottori)

Haneda Airport We arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo to move to Tottori by plane. Hanada is a very big airport, even larger than Narita. Later I got to know that it is the second busiest airport in Asia and fourth busiest airport in the world. That's why it took me dozen of minutes until … Continue reading Japan – My first trip abroad (Tottori)

JAPAN – My first trip abroad (Tokyo)

On the way to Tokyo After a great day in Narita, on the second day, we had breakfast then checked out to move to Tokyo by bus. Vietnam delegation was arranged to go on the same bus with Thai contingent. To express our friendliness, we sang the Christmas song for Thai. The song really broke … Continue reading JAPAN – My first trip abroad (Tokyo)