Baby, it’s cold outside

The day before yesterday, I got up, looking out the window and realised it was raining. That was enjoyable because it hardly rains in this land and the raining scenery remined me of Hanoi during seasonal changes. However, just 10 minutes later, when I glimpsed through the window again, the rain turned into falling snow:) I hadn’t thought that I could still see such heavy and long-lasting snow in this March.

At night, I could see that everthing was covered under a thick white blanket of snow. Some local people living around took advantage of night time (when there were not so many pass-byers) to clear the snow in front of their houses. It’s a law in Germany that if a pass-byer who might be completely strange to you slipped in front of your house because of wet snow, you will have to pay for his/her insurance and other related fees:) That’s why everybody has to take the responsiblity to make a way for those who travel on foot or bikes.

I saw a middle-age man shoveling snow for a while and he got a huge pile. That’s enough to know how thick the snowy layer was. I, of course, couldn’t miss the chance of taking some photos of snow. I immediatlely texted some of my friends to ask them whether they wanted a stroll in the park on the following day. Many said that they wanted but couldn’t because it was the exam period and they had a lot of exams in the next few days. However, a little girl who was done with exams also loved the idea and we arranged for a walk in the following morning. I was definitely excited becauseI hadn’t got out of home for nearly 2 weeks except for 2 times going to a nearby supermarket which is just 50 metres away. I was so busy and tired with the heavy workload that I have to do for my thesis. I thought that it would not cost me much time but the piece of work turns out to be tought and intensive.

Anyway, it’s reasonable to have a short break and going out to enjoy snow. It might be the last snow of this season so I have to grasp the chance.

We went to Paradies Park, the central and biggest park in Jena. Snow had left a breath-taking view to the park.

Saale river

My friend built a “mini” snowman. We wanted to make a big one but it seems that building a pretty snowman isn’t an easy job.

Small but you are the cutest guy in that snow field:) The red cape was in fact an apron that my friend wears at part-time work
I made a tiny heart instead:) I didn’t wear gloves and was chilled to the bone

I couldn’t blow some snow because it started melting
so I just tossed it up:))
Look like “Winter Sonata”, German version:))


So babies, it’s cold but fun outside:)) A lovely morning and now back to my thesis-crisis:)))


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