S.I.M Diary

*S.I.M stands for Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“S.I.M Diary” is my series of entries about my recent trip to three above countries. In January 2016, I was very honored to be fully funded to participate in “Global Youth Summit” in Surabaya, Indonesia. We asked the organizers to extend our trip so that we could visit Bali Island in Indonesia and they agreed, letting us book air tickets by ourselves. Hence, we decided to transit in Singapore and Malaysia so our journey included four destinations: Singapore, Surabaya, Bali and Malaysia. 

With all unexpected risks and lovely moments, that trip is definitely a memorable one for me. Therefore, I wrote this diary in order to save my memories about it.

I wrote these stories in English first and then translate them into Vietnamese to post on my Facebook Page.

Chapter 1. Speed racers at Changi, Juanda, Denpasar Airport (Part 1)